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Imagine if the devil’s advocate had a psychology graduate degree, extensive coaching background AND had your best interests at heart.

That’s me.

My super powers include asking difficult questions, and helping YOU to come up with a solution – wherever you are stuck.

*My next client intake is in June 2022, so if you are interested in coaching, drop me a message, and we will schedule a consult. 


Are you looking for a dynamic and creative speaker?
Yes, yes. Of course, you are.

But you want more. You want something a bit different. You want unexpected angles, brilliant metaphors, and plenty of practical examples to illustrate the theory. You want the audience to learn, but also to laugh, and to get to their feet.

Like this:

*This is a room full of personal trainers in the middle of a weekend-long seminar. Seriously. 🙂

I combine my academic psychology background with extensive coaching experience, as I speak on topics of behavioral change, habit formation, stress management and coaching strategies.

Here are some of the talks/seminars that I have delivered in the last few years:

— The Anti-Falling Off The Wagon Guide
— Operation SuperCoach: Better Coaches Deliver Better Results [two-day seminar]
— What Bathrooms, Elephants, And Wile E. Coyote Tell Us About Habit Formation
— In Defense Of Twinkies: Nutritionism And Other Evils In The Health And Fitness Industry

Want to discuss a possible talk or a seminar? Reach out and we’ll chat. I don’t deliver the same talk twice – so let me put together something special for you. 🙂


Yessss! I Want To Work With You!
Drop me a message here, and let me know what you are looking for. I will get in touch, and we can chat more about how I can help. The rest is... magic!
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