Half Pregnant – Essays About Miscarriage, Maternity Bras, Sharks And Other Things Dark, Hilarious And Universal

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“Half Pregnant: Essays About Miscarriage, Maternity Bras, Sharks And Other Things Dark, Hilarious And Universal” is a collection of essays that explores pregnancy and miscarriage, travel, family, love and death. The author’s voice is thoughtful, but playful. She is sarcastic, deeply intelligent, and occasionally scandalous.

You will enjoy this book, if:

  • You were the class clown.

  • You experience a strong urge to laugh at funerals.

  • You “don’t do feelings”.

  • You like your humour black, and your jokes dirty.

  • You would drop anything and everything to help someone you care about. Yet, you often have trouble asking for help.

  • You are driven by unending, infinite curiosity when it comes to human experience.

This is not your typical “survivor tale” – “Half Pregnant” gives readers permission to find humour in sadness, and lightness in grief – simply because all are shared human experiences. We are all human, stumbling along, trying to figure things out.

And we are hilarious.

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4 reviews for Half Pregnant – Essays About Miscarriage, Maternity Bras, Sharks And Other Things Dark, Hilarious And Universal

  1. master-profile (verified owner)

    I just noticed that it says Reviews (0), and figured I’d leave the first review. I am the author. Hi! Since I wrote it, you’d think that it makes sense that I love it, but it’s not necessarily true. Many authors are the most critical of their work. Heck, I think if I wrote this book today, it would look very different. Yet… I think it’s a GOOD book. I have read it a number of times, and every time I do, it gives me a little ping of pride. It’s good, damn it. I hope you think so too. Enjoy.

  2. Moira C Fauth

    Full disclosure – I don’t have children, have not tried to have children, nor have I experienced a miscarriage. Yet I’m curious about the experience of others and I share Kate’s dark humor.

    I appreciate her vulnerability in sharing a very raw human experience in a way that also allows the reader permission to experience their own feelings just as they are.

  3. Cynthia Berg

    Heartbreaking and hilarious, all at once. I love they way Kate comes face to face with the terrifying, tragic and often ridiculous truth of being a woman. Every chapter is a peek inside her experience as she navigates pregnancy, miscarriage and life in all it’s beauty and jagged edges. Every moment of this book is dripping with truth and courage.

  4. Kate E

    The structure of the book (blog posts, Instagram posts, writing assignments, etc.) may be seen as rebellious in literary terms – the author writes in her own uncompromising, unique style. The subject matter did not deter her from staying true to her dark humor. But when I finished the book, I felt proud of the author for telling her story her way with a strength that was steady throughout. It is inspiring. Her perspective is clear, sharp, and memorable – often much is communicated with few words. Reading this book was like yanking me out of my own pity party – not because I was comparing any content of my life to the author’s but because in the face of a totally devastating life event, the author made something tremendously beautiful: this book. The author took something that could have derailed her and made it instead into a testimony of her very real and fought-for strength. Reading this made me see writing in a very different way: writing really is a means of seeking healing and it’s a gift to be given to oneself; the page wants to help, it will wait for as long as you need, and then it will work with you to create new life from past life.

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