Operation Mommy – Who Needs Toys?

Here are TWO toys that we packed to take with us to Costa Rica:

– A teething ring
– A crinkly book (this was misplaced three weeks into the trip – I’d love to blame the kid, but, of course, she is too young to both place AND misplace things, so I guess, it’s on us).

Here are OTHER things that have been since successfully used as baby toys:

Own hands – always there, always taste different
Own feet – only recently accessible, now twice as many things to suck on!
Mommy’s finger – perfect size to grab and hold on to, also great to suck on
Mommy’s foot – within reason
Mommy’s boob – within mom’s pain tolerance
A swaddle cloth – grab a handful, stick it in your mouth, suck on the corner
A silicone baby spoon – doesn’t really matter if there is food on it or not
A tube of hand cream – big, awkward shape, mysterious contents
A clean diaper – soft, light, easy to pick up. (In retrospect, I should have really grabbed an extra one, instead of letting her play with the one I was planning to put ON her, because the bed was absolutely peed on.)
A mango pit – mmmmm, mango, need I say more?
A pack of baby wipes – large, heavy, crinkles!
A pack of Kleenex
A sun hat – perfect long straps to chew on
A razor blade – just checking if you are paying attention, and providing a baseline of “not safe”. ????


posted: April 29, 2019