S.E.R.E. Urban Challenge – New York City Weekend – How Fast Can You Pack?

Something I didn’t know 36 hours ago – I am taking off to NYC in a couple of hours to participate in S.E.R.E. Performance Urban Challenge.

Talk about spontaneity. πŸ™‚

A member on a friend’s team could not make it, and they really needed another insane individual to join them. Enter Solo. πŸ™‚

S.E.R.E. stands for Strength. Endurance. (Self)Reliance. Evolving… your body and mind. In less cryptic terms, it is a 14-15 hour suck-fest, loosely based on US Military training, and focusing on survival skills and physical conditioning.

I have done the Goruck Challenge in Toronto last summer (read all about it here), but S.E.R.E. will be new. From very little that I know about the event, it seems to be similar to Goruck (physical conditioning, takes place at night, in a big city, team setting), but differs in some important ways – it is more competitive. Five teams of ten people compete over the course of the challenge, with one winning team at the end.

From FAQ:

What if I die on a challenge?
We hope this doesn’t happen but if it does, all S.E.R.E. Instructors will attend your funeral and dig your grave free of charge.

Awwww.. πŸ™‚

If Goruck is the Tough Mudder of urban adventure events, then S.E.R.E. is the Spartan. Harder, and more competitive.

My team sounds all kinds of awesome. So far, I know that our food will probably be taken away for at least 4-8 hours, and cold water immersion will probably be on the menu (but we will probably be able to strip beforehand, isn’t that nice?).

So if you will excuse me, I need to prep my road trip food cooler! πŸ™‚


  • 60 min, hot yoga

WOD – Wednesday (CrossFit):

  • front squat 3-3-3

warm-up –> 5(35) / 5(85) / 3(115) / 3(125)
3(145) / 3(155) / 3(165)

  • AMRAP 70% RM = 125lb –> 14 reps
  • 7 min, AMRAP –>Β 10 wallballs (14lb) + 10 ringdips (red band) = 4 rounds

WOD – Tuesday:

  • 5-7 min, jump rope
  • 1 min stationary bike, 1 min jump rope –> 5 rounds
  • 1 min sprint on elliptical, 10 thrusters with 50 pounds –> 5 rounds
  • 2 x 10 each side, standing side bends with 45lb plate

Wish me luck!

Signing off,

posted: March 07, 2013