2016 Preview – COMMITMENT

Never in a thousand years I could have imagined that COMMITMENT could be my word of the year.


I don’t commit.

Yet, over the years, I called my own bullshit.

I am plenty committed.

I am committed to my training.
I am committed to my writing.
I am committed to my clients.


I Google the word “commitment”.

Two definitions come up: 1) engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action; and 2) the state of being dedicated to a cause or activity. 

First definition – ummm, no, thanks. With freedom as my core value, there is nothing less appealing.

Second definition is what I am working with here. Dedication. 

After spending last year, narrowing in on what really matters, it only makes sense to COMMIT to that what matters in 2016.

I have started the ball rolling by committing to meditate every single day this year. So far, so good.

Mission statement for 2016:

Grow. Create.
Read. Teach. Share.
Be a gentle(r) guide.
Say I do.
See my grandparents.
Ask brilliant minds for help.
Keep hugging people.


*See my 2015 preview, and 2015 review.

posted: January 09, 2016