CrossFit Open 15.3 – Preliminary Analysis

This week I learned that a jammed rib feels a lot like dying. The whole sharp stabbing pain on the left side of my chest piece.. [So, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac AND a drama queen rolled into one].

While that’s a story for another time, perhaps, it’s only fitting that this week will probably be a rest week for me in terms of the CrossFit Open. Castro announced this triplet yesterday, managing to piss off hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously. No barbell. Muscle-ups to begin with.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.44.00 AM

A highly technical gymnastic movement that has never been placed at the beginning was here now, mocking every single CrossFitter that has not been on top of the rings yet.

Yet… a dear friend and a fellow coach probably put it best:

[quote]Castro is on this Earth to piss people off. He knows it, and does a damn good job. Muscle-ups are always in the Open WODs. Always. Why wouldn’t they be in this year?
And whether they are first or last, you can either do them or not. And if you can’t do them, it shows that you haven’t been working on them, or your body is not ready for them. Suck it up, and start working on them.[/quote]

… drops mic.

Which is, perhaps, why I am completely unattached to the idea of doing a muscle up – it’s simply a skill I have not worked on.

As Castro himself said: [quote]We have a lot of flexibility with the scaled division this year. This workout was modelled after a workout, we’ve done muscle ups at the end. Now, it’s let’s go for it. Let’s see that line. By Monday, we are going to have an accurate count of how many of those people can do one muscle-up.[/quote]

Yet, the scaled version of the workout includes single rope jumps and 10lb wall balls. That’s a pretty far cry from muscle-ups. They might as well be doing air squats.

The pretty blonde lady giving unsolicited advice at the end of the live announcement, suggested that if you have never done a muscle-up, but you were close, you should “give it a shot, and see what you can do”.

“You guys are ready!”
“You guys are SO ready for this!”

Awesome. Fourteen minutes to try to get your first ever muscle up in a competitive setting. Sounds like a plan.
I’d argue that if “you guys” were “SO ready for this”, then “you guys” would be doing the damn muscle-ups already.

I will be over here, working on my shoulder mobility, and recovering from my jammed rib.

The amazing (read: frustrating) thing is that a good number of people WILL get their first muscle-up this week. Those people would have gotten their muscle-ups regardless of the Open. Yet, these miraculous occurrences will only increase the risk of injury for everyone else.

Maybe, next week we’ll get a swim. We can practice walking on water!


posted: March 13, 2015