CrossFit Open 15.2 – Post-Mortem

My right shoulder is angry. During a pull-up workshop yesterday, I had a muscle spasm that I simply could not shake out. Lacrosse ball and hot shower did not really help. So, to say that I was worried going into 15.2… would be an understatement.

In fact, I think I went into a full temper tantrum on my way over to the box. “What the hell kind of stupid sport is this”, I fumed, trying not to speed, “where you find out what you are competing in 24 hours before you actually have to compete?”.

Learning about one friend after another after another, suffering yet another shoulder injury during CrossFit did not help. You see, I do not actually have a shoulder injury. [Almost typed “yet”, then decided not to even go there.] And yes, I would very much like to keep it that way. Learning about how limited my shoulder mobility is has been very illuminating this year, yet I am now terrified (perhaps, rightly so) to do any sort of overhead or pulling movements FOR TIME.

15.2 is here. #crossfit #crossfitopen #crossfitnewmarketcentral

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So, chest to bar pull-ups? Not exactly.

Ironically, last year it was the overhead squats that resulted in a measly score of 33. This year, I knew I could handle those much better, yet after trying a pull-up after warming up, it was clear that those were not happening today.

Mixed grip chin-ups all the way. Oy.

Total Score:

P.S. If you have a CrossFit-related shoulder injury, do me a favour. Do NOT tell me about it. Sigh.



posted: March 07, 2015