CrossFit Open 15.1 – Post-Mortem

“This is stupid”, I am thinking to myself, as I start putting on workout clothes.

The Friday Night Throwdown is from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at my box – every Friday for five weeks. And it is a BIG DEAL. My box is one of the larger (and better, I may add) boxes in the country – we have over 80 people participating in the Open. The latter becomes obvious as I pull in and struggle to find a parking spot. Car after car pulls in, and starts making circles, before finally landing somewhere; as the fit-looking owner starts walking towards the entrance with a large sports bag over his/her shoulder.

I love the atmosphere in the box. It’s a PARTY, and the air is buzzing. We do five waves, and I go in the first – to get the damn thing out of the way.


If you are still doing the Open in the next few days, the TWO main things you’d need to know:

1. know your recent (!) Clean & Jerk PR

I am kind of kicking myself for this one. My previous max was around 140lb, and I figured anything over 100lb would be awesome, since I will be fatigued. 95lb flew up so easily that I knew I was way wayyyy under. 135lb was my last C&J – it was heavy, but solid. Now, to retest!

2. break up toes-to-bar earlier than you think you should

Given that my toes to bar absolutely suck (a little less than snatches, but still), I simply was not able to wear out my grip as much as most people would, hence, arriving at C&J pretty fresh. However, I have watched people who have awesome form and technique with this one though, rip through the first fifteen without breaks, just to completely crash on the second set.

If you are not yet linking the toes-to-bar, and have to swing between sets, it may serve you better to get into a solid rhythm of doing singles. While some people would stay hanging on the bar, and swing back and forth few times to get another rep in, burning through grip even more, I ended up doing fast singles for most of the last round.

Jump up, swing. kick, jump off, swing arms back, and forward, jump up, swing, kick… rinse, repeat. Notice that with this approach, you are also resetting your shoulders every single time.

The deadlifts are so light, they are annoying, and thankfully, I can muscle snatch 75lb easily (overhead squats with the same weight would have caused a much bigger problem).

Total Score:
126 / 135

I’ll take it.


posted: February 28, 2015