WOD – what’s another 3 miles?


… when you are directionally challenged. Yes, a scheduled run yesterday was an 8km tempo, which turned into a 12.7km slog against a brutal wind.

Only yours truly can “accidentally” run an extra 5km or so, by turning onto a street that seemingly goes in the same direction where I need to go, and then being too stubborn to go back. [Hi, Captain…]

What can I say? The universe had to be fair and distribute its gifts equally. I couldn’t possibly end up with great navigation skills AS WELL.

On another note, I have a newly discovered appreciation of high school teachers. Somehow, I found myself teaching a class of high school students this semester. It’s a dual credit course, joint between high school and college, so I have my own bunch of 17-year olds once a week.  Interestingly, they are my politest, most respectful group. They come on time, and return from breaks on time. They say “hello” and “thank you”.

When I asked them to write down three things about themselves as a way of introduction, I’ve received the following heart-warming notes:

Smiling IS the best!

Ummm… DUH!

I feel very strongly about humanity too. The valence of those feelings depends on the day, however… 🙂

Amen, brother. Sister?

If you haven’t already, check out my updated 2013 racing schedule, and let me know if you want to say hello at any of the races! My first race of the season is this Sunday – Chilly Half Marathon.


  • 60min, reduced heat yoga

WOD – Tuesday:

  • 1h 11min, 12.7km run (ha!)

Signing off,

Posted February 27, 2013



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