WOD – my precious


Yes, wrist is better. And I think I’m on the mend, generally. Yay?

I missed the barbell. My precious.


1 song of jumping rope (3 minutes)
1 mile (8:50), 6.0-8.0-6.0 pyramid
350 jumping jacks
120sec plank x 2


5 sets of max.effort pull-ups:
11 (new PR) / 7
with medium band 11 / 7/ 7

10 rounds of 15 deadlifts @95lb + 15 push-ups

150 push-ups… here goes my plan of taking it easy on the wrist. No, I didn’t do actual real push-ups, so I’m not counting these towards my owed push-ups for the month of February. It was more of a pathetic mix of push-ups on my knees, push-ups on my knuckles, push-ups on my knees AND my knuckles, interspersed with brief periods of me lying on the floor face down.

And, OMG, new pull-up PR – 11 unassisted pull-ups. No, not kipping. Still can’t do those. 🙁

Signing off,

Posted February 1, 2013

2 responses to “WOD – my precious”

  1. Jeff Cain says:

    Regular pull-ups are better than kips anyway! Way to go!

  2. WOD – wall ball love | SOLO Performance says:

    […] is complete without wall balls… The funniest thing is that I started to very clearly feel yesterday’s workout shortly after finishing this one. The ONE body part where I rarely feel sore any more is my abs. […]

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