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why Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua is the best training ground for an obstacle racer

Posted on March 2, 2016

If you could have the perfect training ground, the perfect terrain for obstacle race training, what would it be like? Would it have hills? Water? Dirt roads? All of the above? While most racers flock to the mountains of Colorado to train, after doing Fuego y Agua Survival Run for the past two years, I

5 tips for choosing a gym

Posted on August 8, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a coach. “Dear Kate”, the email reads. “You are cordially invited to become my running slave”. Words “running” and “slave” in the same sentence? How could I say no? Coach Mike will help me to get these luscious buttocks back into their running shape in time for the marathon in

admin at 8:46 am Aug 15
Not at all!

burpees, karaoke and Shakespeare

Posted on May 20, 2013

“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met” is how Shakespeare Arms bar described on the website. It is everything a small town bar should be. It takes the waitress more than a minute to rattle off the names of beer they have on tap – very good sign! However, at the

sleep deprivation blows

Posted on February 25, 2013

Last week was an interesting self-experiment in sleep deprivation. After getting up before 6am for 4 days in a row, I finally crashed on Wednesday night and slept for ten hours straight. The hot yoga on a Wednesday night was amusing, to say the least. I’d fall asleep in every single horizontal pose – face

Solo at 9:27 pm Feb 28
mmmmm, bacon.

life is too short

Posted on February 11, 2013

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, and thought “ugh… life is too short for this”? I started writing this post in my head, during one of those lovely bumper-to-bumper afternoons… life is too short… to be stuck in traffic to work through lunch to drive automatic transmission to watch sports to take the elevator

Solo at 7:11 pm Feb 20
Love the additions to the list!

365 Days of Fitness Challenge – month recap

Posted on February 2, 2013

So it has been a month, since I’ve started the 365 days of fitness challenge. Over the course of the last 31 days, the plan was to complete at least: 31 miles (50km) 775 situps 775 pushups 775 burpees 775 squats 620 lunges (310 per leg) 2, 325 jumping jacks 62 minutes of plank 62 minutes

Andrey Tochilin at 2:48 am Feb 3

WOD – my precious

Posted on February 1, 2013

Yes, wrist is better. And I think I’m on the mend, generally. Yay? I missed the barbell. My precious. WOD: 1 song of jumping rope (3 minutes) 1 mile (8:50), 6.0-8.0-6.0 pyramid 350 jumping jacks 120sec plank x 2 CrossFit: 5 sets of max.effort pull-ups: 11 (new PR) / 7 with medium band 11 /

Jeff Cain at 6:06 pm Feb 2
Regular pull-ups are better than kips anyway! Way to go!

bad idea

Posted on January 28, 2013

When I was little, and dad would run a yellow light, he’d always say that he was showing us “what not to do”. Here’s the thing. It’s usually a bad idea to show others what not to do. Because, you know… You are not supposed to do it. Anyway… I sprained my wrist in my

Solo at 5:51 pm Feb 1
LOL. nah, Teresa. that one was definitely a winner. hugs.

I’ve never been good at cleaning…

Posted on January 23, 2013

Is there any upside to crawling out of your warm bed at 6am, getting into a freezing car that barely starts, gloomily staring at the thermometer that indicates -23C, and driving to CrossFit? Yes. The fact that very few people choose to do that. So few in fact that you may end up with a

Solo at 12:32 pm Jan 24
thank you. :)))) glad to hear someone is reading. what are you trying to do with the weights? I find that this place is actually pretty good: he is an athlete, and he lists a lot of workouts, especially for beginners. let me know what exactly you are looking for, and I can recommend something more specific.

166 days – WOD

Posted on January 7, 2013

Easy day = maintenance run + fitness challenge today. 5.3 miles run in 54:13 25 sit-ups 25 pushups 25 burpees 25 squats 20 lunges (10 per leg) 75 jumping jacks 2 x 60 sec plank 2x 60 second wall sits



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