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Losing Your Sparkle, Or What To Expect From Your First Spartan Race

Posted on July 27, 2017

As I write this blog post, I Google “losing your sparkle” and squint at the results. It is like the unicorn frappuccino all over again. Rainbows and unicorns. Or, more accurately, glitter tank tops and saccharine quotes. Pink, pink, PINK. “Never let anyone dull your sparkle”. “Unleash your inner sparkle”. “Life won’t sparkle unless you

Make OCR Great Again

Posted on February 2, 2017

A recent rule change by the Spartan Race dictates that any athlete, standing on podium, must wear Spartan Race t-shirt, regardless of their affiliation, or forego prize money. All racers must also wear a Spartan Race headband. Or else. Ahhh…. how very… Trumpian. The Spartan Race seems to be living and breathing the values that

Spartan Sprint Tahoe 2015 – Race Recap

Posted on October 9, 2015

While the Championship Race on Saturday was the highlight of the weekend, lots was happening on Sunday as well – Ultra Beasters took off nice and early, followed by few more waves of the Beast, and then the Spartan Sprint – including the competitive wave, as well as the charity race, special wave for the

Spartan Race World Championship 2015 (Tahoe Spartan Beast) – Analysis Of Distance, Elevation And Difficulty

Posted on October 6, 2015

I know all you have been talking about is that lake swim. Amirite? Meanwhile, I am realizing that, perhaps, the one thing that is harder than running the Tahoe Spartan Beast is getting out of the car after running the Tahoe Spartan Beast. Oy. Here’s what you had to conquer this weekend to earn the

SOLO at 3:19 pm May 24
Hey there! So glad you found this helpful. :) It's a fun and beautiful course. Hope you started training already. ;) And yes!!!!! I'm looking forward to hearing how that lake swim goes. Omg. So cold.LOL

Spartan Race World Championship 2015 – Some Preliminary Info (Including Distance)

Posted on October 3, 2015

I am toeing the start line in about 3 hours. Two things on my mind? 1) It’s freaking cold, and 2) there IS a swim. I guess everyone has their pre-race ritual – obsessing about core temperature seems to be mine. Some preliminary info that has been shared about the course at the athlete briefing

#RoadToTahoe – I’ll Toe The Start Line Tomorrow!

Posted on October 2, 2015

This hashtag has been floating around Instagram and Facebook over the last few months, as hundreds of athletes documented their journey to the Spartan World Championship. Today is the end of that road, as most people are here. Yesterday was all driving. I find it difficult to sit for such long stretches of time, but

What To Pack For A Spartan Beast – Your Ultimate GET READY Package

Posted on September 14, 2015

Vermont Beast is days away, which means you are tapering this week. No hard workouts. No long runs. All this extra time that you do not not know what to do with. Hotel has been booked long time ago. You took Friday off (and Monday – just in case). You have a pretty good idea

5 Race Directors In Obstacle Racing You MUST Check Out

Posted on August 20, 2015

You may be less familiar with these names than you are with the names like Rose Wetzel-Sinnett, or Isaiah Vidal. The celeb athletes are getting all the attention, aren’t they? How often does Ryan lift? Does he even lift (, bro)? How much does Cassidy squat? How much time does the Bear spend on that treadmill? Why

seth Wilson at 8:01 pm Aug 20
can we get a list of courses they have designed so we know if we have tried them also I hear the bone frog team is legendary

Spartan Super Toronto 2015 – Race Recap

Posted on July 23, 2015

When in doubt, wear a kilt. I had a much more pleasant day at the Spartan Super on Sunday (compared to Spartan Sprint on Saturday)! Damage control included awesome company, slowing the fuck down, wearing a hat, sunglasses, wet towel on my neck, ice pack in my hydration bladder and enough sunscreen to drown a

Spartan Sprint Toronto 2015 – Race Recap

Posted on July 18, 2015

Oy, that sucked. Newsflash – running up and down grassy hills during a heat wave is not a good idea. Go figure. I struggled from the beginning, and obstacles that were easy on a normal day resulted in burpees today. Boo. Today was probably my hottest race, and that’s coming from someone who ran a half



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