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#ShirtStorm @ Atlanta Spartan Sprint: Brand Competition Or Violation Of Personal Freedom?

Posted on March 18, 2015

Shortly after the Atlanta Spartan Sprint took place, the OCR Gear posted the following: “Rumor has it Spartan Race forced a female finisher to change out of her BattleFrog Series shirt before taking the podium in Atlanta. Say what??” Armed with hashtags #shirtstorm and #shirtgate, the online community was livid. This was David vs. Goliath

[…] still talking about the Spartan Race and the competitors’ logos in their photos. Yet another #shirtstorm broke out after the Spartan Race has blurred out the BattleFrog logo from Ryan Atkins’ […]

15.1 is done

Posted on February 28, 2015

“This is stupid”, I am thinking to myself, as I start putting on workout clothes. The Friday Night Throwdown is from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at my box – every Friday for five weeks. And it is a BIG DEAL. My box is one of the larger (and better, I may add) boxes in the country

krista at 9:57 am Mar 1
You better take it!!!! OR ELSE! :)

15.1 is here

Posted on February 26, 2015

The 15.1 is here. You can watch the Week 1 Announcement here. I love snatches. Loooooove them. Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice? In fact, this is me after a recent snatching session. The athletes battling it out at the live announcement were: Rich Froning and Mat Fraser. For Rich Froning, introduction is

[…] After the shitshow of the Open, where two dozen male athletes torn their pecs in a high rep ring dip workout, I was very happy to see lighter weights in higher rep workouts, and 1RM snatch as a separate event – instead of being tacked onto the end of a high intensity couplet. […]

the voice of the snatch spirit and other frustrating things about Olympic lifting

Posted on February 21, 2015

I throw the bar on the ground. Again. It has measly 65 pounds on it, and I cannot bring it over my head in a squat snatch. I can muscle snatch many pounds more. Hell, I can bicep curl more than I can snatch. Practicing 55 pound muscle snatch (easy!) last year shortly before the

[…] this post? You are going to love reading about the voice of the snatch spirit and why squats make everything […]

contrast is the best rest

Posted on February 11, 2015

I am back to the Great Canadian North after soaking in the sunshine in Nicaragua for three weeks. And you know what? I am ok. Yes, it’s -10C, and white and grey. No palm trees here. Yet, I feel like I brought a piece of sunshine with me, and I am holding on to it,

BOX SLUT – CrossFit Bologna by Nativa

Posted on November 10, 2014

The question I am often asked is which CrossFit Box I train at. I usually get this question, while at yet another box, and the (erroneous) implication is that I belong somewhere. I am not, however, ready to make that kind of commitment yet. 🙂 I wander in, and waltz out. I date around. My

[…] Liked this post? You may enjoy reading about healthy options at the airport and my visit to CrossFit in Bologna, Italy.  […]

muscle memory

Posted on October 17, 2014

I wrap my fingers around the bar, and drop my butt down. Back straight. As I straighten my legs, the bar travels across my shins, I pull towards me, as the bar weakly touches my ribs and falls to the ground. No rep. 115-lb squat clean. No rep. Before I have a chance to label

I’m going on a diet!

Posted on December 13, 2013

*This essay was written in January 2013. The New Year is upon us, and I can’t possibly be left behind without a new year’s resolution. Can I? How about going Paleo for a month? Dedicating myself to CrossFit? Or maybe I should do a cleanse. (Nah, just joking.) I thought about it. I considered it.

[…] Liked this post? Check out my review of “It Starts With Food” and the blog post about how I went on a diet. […]

why you (and I) can’t do double-unders

Posted on May 13, 2013

I’m talking to a friend about visiting his CrossFit box and keeping him company for a workout. “Ok, but promise you won’t make fun of my kips and my double-unders!”, I ask. “Ha. So you have a DUI, eh”, he grins. “A what???” “DUI = double-unders impairment”,  he explains patiently. Indeed. It’s been months, and

[…] my quest to master double-unders, I spent a lot of time with a speed rope. In fact, I used to spend ten […]

pick a race!

Posted on March 18, 2013

I will be returning to Big Apple in no time – as I have just signed up for the Spartan Sprint at Citi Field stadium! So very excited. Another recent addition is the Olympic distance triathlon in August – better learn to swim until then. My complete racing schedule is here. If you do not have yet



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