Gear Review – Salomon Women’s ActiLITE T-Shirt


This is the first pieces of clothing I have tried from the Salomon line-up. I really liked the feel of the shirt as it is very light weight, but was skeptical about the fit. The t-shirt is fairly snug, but still comfortable, leaving some space between the skin and material. This is fairly different from the skin tight feel I usually go for during races – either sports bra only or really clingy long sleeve shirt.

After wearing this extensively… I LOVED this shirt. It’s snug where it should be without being tight. It does not chafe. It is really light. Even when it was really sunny, I didn’t feel that the shirt made me too hot (being black and all). The material was great that it did not keep me cold while being soaking wet, and it dried quickly (without a sweaty smell!). It held up in the wash!

The only down side I found so far is the fact that the material is so light weight, it is not the most sturdy. I have few small holes on it already from pinning the bib (or crawling under barb wire, or carrying logs, or climbing rope, or….).

T-shirt in action at the Spartan Ultra Beast in Vermont, September 21, 2012…

Solo and Layla

T-shirt in action (along with Salomon sleeves) at the finish line of BadAss Dash 7k in Kitchener, October 2012…


T-shirt in action trudging along right after the Arctic Enema obstacle at Tough Mudder New Jersey, October 2012…


manager’s comments…

  • avoid washing the shirt with anything that has velcro – otherwise you will see pulls…


  • Despite my concerns about the fit, this t-shirt became one of my racing favorites.
  • Layered with arm sleeves, it can work for most months of the racing season.

Signing off,

*Disclaimer: I am currently sponsored by Salomon Toronto for my training and racing gear. In return for the sponsorships, I will be honestly reviewing the Salomon products and featuring them on my blog. Under no circumstances have I been paid to write any positive reviews. Anything you read here is my independent opinion based on testing the gear while training and on race course.

Posted November 4, 2012



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