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Racing weekend is upon us! I have not raced since the Ottawa Spartan Beast – nothing really hurts, and that’s strange. 🙂 Mike and Captain Craig are both driving in tonight.

Plan of action:

Saturday –> 5 Peaks Highlands Nordic Centre 12km Trail Race
Sunday –> Toronto Triathlon Festival, Sprint Triathlon (myself); Olympic Triathlon (CC + Mike).

Yesterday I realized that I have not actually raced a regular normal running race with Mike – it’s all been crazy 42km military-style races or Spartans. So tomorrow, may the fastest win!!!

According to the Toronto Triathlon Festival rules, for running section “any pace is permitted, but no crawling”. Also, doggie paddling is officially legit for the swimming section. Both of these strategies are JUST FINE with me. 🙂

As a runner, I really view a triathlon as a creative way to punish yourself before you get to run. So main goal for Sunday is not to drown in the lake, and not to crash my bike before I can actually do something I’m fairly good at.

This will be my first actual / real / honest to God triathlon, since try-a-tri last August (where I dutifully rode my mountain bike after doggie paddling the full 400m).

400m = 12:01
10km bike = 25:19
2.5km run = 12:24
total time = 54:15

No time goals for the Sprint, as this is a brand new sport to me, and I quite literally do not know what the hell I’m doing, but I think it is plausible to finish it under 2 hours.


Posted July 20, 2012



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