READING ROUNDUP: Rucksgiving from OCRWC, SISU Radio, and the 99% of obstacle racers


I drove down to Blue Mountain Resort yesterday to meet some awesome people for lunch, including Adrian Bijanada of the OCRWC and Brett Stewart of the MudRunGuide. I forgot how beautiful that drive is – quintessential Ontario for ya, all the way. And it snowed – in a beautiful Christmas season kind of way.

blue mountain

Enjoying the snowflakes with Adrian Bijanada, Brett Stewart, Jesse Bruce and Megan

I can’t wait for you all to come down for OCRWC 2016 – some big changes are coming, and it will be an epic weekend. An epic week! 😉

And now,  your latest OCR news.


Is This Any Way For A Spartan To Behave? // Men’s Journal

Ohhhh, it was only a matter of time until someone brought up the Spartan Cruise. And described Hunter McIntyre as “square-jawed young man with a quiff of blond hair who had the air of the class clown in a screwball frat comedy”.

“Spartan racers are supposed to be badass, disciplined in the way most Americans are soft. But put several hundred of them on a luxury cruise ship and a different kind of warrior starts to rage”.

Now, don’t get me wrong – few hundred racers in a confined space and unlimited access to alcohol is NOT my idea of a fun weekend. Yet, I fail to see an issue with a bunch of people dancing on a ship.

Joe De Sena attended, but did everything in his power to dissociate himself from the very idea. Fun is not part of the Spartan brand, I guess?

Monster Challenges Is No More // Wix – Press Releases

After ten events, Monster Challenges closes its doors. This fixed obstacle course in Florida was operating since April 2012, and given the timeline, must have been one of the first facilities of its kind. This brings up a question of how sustainable the operation of local fixed obstacle course facilities really is, as such facilities have been popping up right and left lately with many gym owners hoping to profit from the popularity of obstacle racing.

Rucksgiving / OCR World Championships

OCRWC is continuing to encourage community involvement by bringing Rucksgiving back! What the heck is Rucksgiving? It’s free group workout during which teams of athletes trekked through their neighborhood passing out holiday leftovers (or sandwiches, canned foods, etc.) to those in need along their route, or volunteered their time at a local shelter. And right in time for the holidays also.

If you are in a giving mood (and if you are not, go ahead and get into a giving mood), grab a bunch of friends and a backpack, and give back to your local community. The event will run from November 28th to December 5th. Did I mention that you get a discount for OCRWC registration? 🙂

SISU Radio // Athlete On Fire

Step aside, Spartan Up, looks like there is a new podcast in the word of obstacle racing. SISU Radio, hosted by Steffen Cook (Cookie), is “a show to inspire from a group that pushes the limits of what is possible”. Two episodes are up for your enjoyment, including a pre-WTM interview with Miguel Medina. You can expect a new episode every Saturday.

We Are The 99%. We Are OCR // MudRunGuide

A ode to the newbie, to the weekend warrior, to the “non-elite” obstacle racer written by Chris Cow. And I think we all have a couple of those oh-so-not-flattering race photos tucked away on the hard drive somewhere. Keep smiling, my friends.

Whatcha doing today at 12pm?

I will be discussing the latest Reading Roundup blog post on Periscope today (Monday) at 12pm EST. Join me @k_solovieva.


See ya there?


Posted November 23, 2015

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