READING ROUNDUP: WTM predictions, interview with Tony Matesi, and highlights from the Spartan World Champs


Your Sunday night reading is here!

Some racers are still in post-OCRWC funk, while others are counting down the days to the World’s Toughest Mudder and BattleFrog World Championships.

Here’s what has been happening in the sport lately…


World’s Toughest Mudder 2015: Teams, Pits and Bold Predictions // MudRunGuide

Ryan Atkins pulled a Rich Froning this year, and registered for a team division at WTM. While the move may seem unexpected, let’s not forget that Tough Mudder HQ announced a $100,000 prize to the team that will cover 100 miles at this year’s event. If anyone stands a chance to cover the distance, it’s Atkins along with Matt Murphy, Eric Batty and Jon Albon.

Will they get it done? How doable will it be to cover 100 miles at this year’s event? This is an aggressive goal – recall that Ryan almost covered 100 miles as an individual winner. So, to have four people cover the same distance, in a team, is audacious, indeed.

Brady Archer is the course designer for the event this year, and, of course, TM will do everything in their power to hold on to their $100,000. And this is where the true art comes in – if TM plays their cards right, the most promising team should ALMOST reach 100 miles, but not quite – moving all night, and without too many issues, they should be able to reach 85-90 miles or so, and then “fail”.

If the course turns out so difficult or time-consuming that the fastest team will stand no chance (e.g. say covering only 60-70 miles in the time allotted), it will be significantly less interesting to watch.

There’s Something In The Water // Obstacle Race Magazine

Wait, there is an “Obstacle Race Magazine”? After a lengthy hiatus, the publication seems to have come back to life right in time for Halloween. The website offers readers to subscribe to 6 issues a year for 24.99 pounds, and features calendar of events, geared at the UK and European markets.

The article focuses on reducing the risks of getting ill after an obstacle race, and discusses everything from ticks to hypothermia.

The Interview with Spartan Race Hurricane Heat Director Tony Matesi // Medal Addict

The Spartan Race Hurricane Heat has experienced somewhat of a rebirth, once Tony Matesi started managing the events. If you have ever been curious about the Spartan Death Race, try one of Tony’s HH12HR events – as a Death Race veteran, he brings a bit of DR flavour to his Hurricane Heats along with specific gear lists and quirky tasks.

Highlights from Spartan Race World Championships // Sports Illustrated

If you missed the Tahoe race coverage in Sports Illustrated, you should check it out. Apart from the very fact that obstacle race being covered in Sports Illustrated is kind of a big deal, the photography is amazing.

X-Man Race // 3-Seconds

One race that you have to add to your racing calendar next year is X-Man – and if you are not in Canada, it’s one more reason to make the trip. This race series is only in Quebec so far, but I have only heard glowing reviews – so X-Man is high on my list of new races to try next year.

Oh, and I am trying something new – every Monday after I publish a reading roundup, I’ll be discussing it on Periscope. So, you can join me tomorrow morning at 8am EST – I am at @k_solovieva.

The countdown is on – 22 days until my next travel fix! Stay warm, y’all.


Posted November 1, 2015

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