READING ROUNDUP: the line between fitness and fanaticism, OCR training programs from the best in the sport and flashback to 2010



I am spending the weekend on the lake with awesome friends – old and new. End of October often comes with a certain grey and sleepy vibe here in Ontario. I hope you are being lazy, and taking naps.

Here’s your Sunday afternoon reading.

Obstacle Course Training – From the Best in the Sport

Jonathan Albon, Ryan Atkins and Matt Murphy recently launched a new website, offering obstacle race training online. There are programs for beginner and advanced racers. After Albon’s recent win at OCRWC, and Atkins’ runner up placements at both OCRWC and Tahoe, this is perhaps the most decorating coaching team out there.

This is what what they promise: “We want you to enjoy your obstacle race, to feel a sense of achievement, whether it be running in your first, beating your previous time or winning a race. That feeling of achievement keeps us going and provides us with the love for obstacle racing – we believe we can help you realize that feeling.”

First Spartan Race // ESPN

As I just wrapped up another racing season, it’s interesting to look back and realize how far the sport has come, and how it has changed. Check out a race recap from the very first Spartan Race – way back in 2010.

The Fine Line Between Fitness and Fanaticism // Muddy Mommy

Holly from Muddy Mommy writes about fitness fanaticism in obstacle racing, and raises a very important point that is rarely talked about in the sport:

In most sports elite athletes are simply admired and cheered by their fans from afar, yet OCR is unique as it creates an environment in which everyday people believe that, if they just work hard enough, they too can become elite competitors as well.

No other sport seems to place the fantasy of achieving elite status within arms reach quite like OCR. Football fanatics do not believe that throwing a football just a few more times will earn them an NFL contract, basketball enthusiasts do not think that committing to practicing their free throw will land them in the NBA, but Obstacle Racing preaches that if you truly commit yourself to training harder, longer, and more intensely, you will surely find yourself running head to head with the likes of Rose Wetzel, Amelia Boone, Cody Moat, and Isaiah Vidal.

The Sternum Checker, Height Discrimination, and Other Horrible Injustices in Obstacle Racing // SOLO

My article on height discrimination in obstacle racing, and the sternum checker obstacle made some waves – the discussion was heated, y’all! I talk about the arm span to height ratio, and whether taller people have an easier time in the sport.

Next up, stay tuned for my commentary on OCRWC – my last obstacle race of the season.


Posted October 25, 2015

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