READING ROUNDUP: the death of obstacle racing, OCRWC obstacles analysis and Ninja Warrior coming to Canada


The latest coming to you from Squaw Valley, California.

Another World Championship is in the books – Robert Killian and Zuzana Kocumova are the new reigning champions. Be on the lookout for my race recap.

Meanwhile, here’s your Sunday reading:

IORF World Congress // Obstacle Racing Media

International Obstacle Racing Federation will introduce its executive board and discuss Olympic strategy at the Tahoe Championship. I am not really sure what that means. Also, while I applaud the efforts towards developing the sport, I am incredibly skeptical obstacle racing has a chance in hell of making it to the Olympics before further standardization takes place. Burpees, anyone?

The Death Of Obstacle Racing // Inov-8

David writes a thoughtful piece on the possible death of obstacle racing, questioning the latest trend of obstacle races becoming harder, tougher, and longer.

“If the emphasis on ‘tough’ continues I fear we’ll end up with only two types of races – the type that appeals to the general populous but not the elites and the type which will see a handful of global brands fighting it out to try and attract television revenues and gym tie-ins because they can no longer operate from just the sale of tickets.”

OCRWC Obstacle Analysis // MudRunGuide

With Tahoe Championship wrapping up this weekend, all the eyes will be on OCRWC. Check out this detailed analysis of last year’s course. I’d argue the analysis is unnecessarily detailed, so do not get bogged down in all the minutia – there’s great stuff in there.

BattleFrog Championship // Press Release

BattleFrog announces the championship, extending the OCR season into December. I guess we know where Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster will be that weekend! 🙂

Ninja Warrior Canada // Original Source [thanks for the heads up, Johanna!]

I wish I had a dollar for every friend who told me that I should do American Ninja Warrior. I guess it was only a matter of time. So, yes, first selection rounds will take place in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Halifax, in May 2016. It’ll cost ya $85 to apply.

Happy reading, y’all!


Posted October 4, 2015

2 responses to “READING ROUNDUP: the death of obstacle racing, OCRWC obstacles analysis and Ninja Warrior coming to Canada”

  1. John Wall says:

    Like your recap post! On David’s post, he answers the question in the quote you show here. OCR isn’t going to die…not by a long shot. But in 2016 it’s going to continue to change…opening up niches at various levels to meet the demands of the elite, journeyman and casual racers. It will also see major competition within these niches and it will be interesting to see which race promoters try to fill each one.

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