READING ROUNDUP: Canadian win at inaugural BFX24, XMan in Toronto, and OCR coming back to life


December, January and February are as slow as it gets in our never-an-off-season sport. BattleFrog Xtreme San Francisco and Spartan Race Arizona kept our brethren, residing in warmer climates, entertained, meanwhile, Ontarians have been getting their active recovery on, digging themselves out of most recent snow storm.

But we are entering the spring, so things are picking up! [In Russia, spring starts on March 1st, so don’t rain on my parade].


Spartan Agoge 001 Took Place In Vermont Few Weeks Ago

Short summary? It was very cold + most finished. While I predict that Spartan Race will continue struggling with marketing of this event, the summer Agoge will be MUCH more in demand.

Robert Killian, the reigning Spartan champion, took part and wrote about his experience here.

Morgan McKay Takes First at the Inaugural BFX24

Another sweet win for Canadians, as Morgan McKay takes first for women at the first 24-hour BattleFrog race. Canada is the force to be beckoned with in the sport of obstacle racing!

It was great to see MudRunGuide’s Periscope updates throughout the event. Thanks, Margaret!


XMan Race is coming to Toronto!

XMan in Toronto will be hosted by the Alpha Obstacle Training. I am very excited about this partnership, especially so, because I now do not have to plan a separate trip to Quebec to finally check out this race. I have heard nothing, but amazing things.

We are expecting to see about 40 obstacles, and a dry event – not alcohol dry (ha!), but water dry – as the race organizers wanted to provide the racers with an opportunity to dress appropriately. You never know what kind of weather we will get in May – I recall a hail during May Tough Mudder few years ago – so, the heads up on the dry course is very much appreciated. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.09.45 AM

Down & Dirty May Be On Its Way Out

After quietly cancelling a bunch of events, and removing the major sponsor’s name from the logo, things don’t look too good for Down & Dirty.

While the sport has a long history of race series overestimating their budgets and appeal, and dying a slow and painful (or in some cases, quick and painful) death, it is too bad that things are still done… quietly.

A bit of transparency would do the industry good. Sigh…

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Posted March 7, 2016

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