READING ROUNDUP: Icebugs, MudRunGuide Best of OCR winners, and the future of obstacle racing


Happy New Year, peeps. We are three days into 2016 – can you feel it? The resolve of those resolutions? Or perhaps, you are one of the anti-resolutionists?

I refuse to sign on the dotted line to become a member of either club. Commitment issues, you could say. 🙂

The first of January has started off with a Beach WOD and a Polar Bear Dip in the icy lake Ontario. Every inch of my skin burned, let me tell you.


And now the news…


BattleFrog Title Sponsorship for the Fiesta Bowl Meets Some Criticism

It was announced few weeks ago that BattleFrog will be the new title sponsor for the Fiesta Bowl – an American college football bowl game played at the University of Phoenix. The game took place yesterday, and it seems that the college fans were not happy about the switch from Tostitos, the previous title sponsor, to BattleFrog.

Here’s the commercial that was aired during the game – “the first national, prime time commercial ever aired promoting OCR”, according to BF.

The overarching consensus? No one knows what the heck BattleFrog is – outside of the OCR bubble, that is.

I find it incredibly ironic that everyone knows what Tostitos are, but Battlefrog… ? No idea. Just me?

Best of OCR Winners 2015 and Top 10 Articles of 2015 // MudRunGuide

The Best of OCR Winners 2015 have been announced, and I bet you will see many familiar names there – Amelia Boone for the Best Female OCR Athlete, Ryan Atkins for Best Male OCR Athlete, Matt B. Davis of Obstacle Racing Media for the Best OCR Blogger.

Inov-8, once again, took Best Brand of OCR Shoes, and Wreck Bag once again, made an appearance. [See results from 2014 here].

Yet some of the winners definitely resulted in the eyebrows being raised. Reebok All-Terrain for Best New Product? Have you actually TRIED those shoes?

Spartan Race for the Most Innovative OCR Series? Really? Not if you’ve been paying attention. Not with the players like OCRWC, and BattleFrog in the mix.

Perhaps, this is to be expected, as a straight-forward online voting process is little more than a contest in face/name recognition. If 4,000 people voted for Spartan Race as the Most Innovative Series, and 2,000 people voted for BattleFrog, it does not actually mean that SR IS indeed a better race series. It means it is a more recognizable brand name. [See my point above on how we are more familiar with brands of salsa chips than we are with athletic event series].

The MudRunGuide has also just published their most popular articles from 2015. Some awesome reading there, including an article from yours truly on the 10 kinds of obstacle racers. If you do not yet know which type you are, check it out! I am an Adrenaline Junkie myself. 🙂

Looking To The Future Of Obstacle Racing With Robert Coble // WOR

Samantha Wishner of WOR (Women of Obstacle Racing) recently posted a two-part interview with Robert Coble – the Athletic Director for Spartan Race, and perhaps, the one man responsible for making Joe DeSena’s dream of taking the Spartan Race to the Olympics a reality.

According to Coble, the goals of Spartan Race are twofold: first, to rip people off the couch, and second, to create a professional sport.

To me, those two radically different goals seem to indicate a bit of identity crisis on the part of Spartan Race. What IS IT exactly? Is it a fun non-threatening activity for families and recreational athletes? Or is it a competitive sport? It appears that Coble would claim it’s both. Whether it is possible for an obstacle racing company to pursue and achieve both of these goals simultaneously remains to be seen. [See part 2 of interview here].

If You Want to Run Through A Hotel Made Of Ice, You’ll Need Icebugs

If you do not have Icebug shoes yet, this commercial starring a former OCR World Champion Siri Englund, will make you want a pair.

Whatcha doing at 12pm EST tomorrow, Monday, January 4th?

I will be discussing the latest Reading Roundup blog post on Periscope – join me @k_solovieva.


Did you miss last week’s Periscope? You can still watch it!


Posted January 3, 2016

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