READING ROUNDUP: Spartan Delta revealed, Amelia Boone on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, and the life cycle of a Spartan Race enthusiast


It seems that most of us are trying to shake off the post-Christmas food coma.

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Did you catch the little video from yours truly, saying “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” in Russian? Or, perhaps, swearing profusely (as the non-Russian speakers will never know)?

From your favorite Russkiy. #merrychristmas #happynewyear

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Hope you’ve been able to get out and about, especially if you, like myself, are in Ontario, and have been enjoying some surreal December weather. Rain, flower buds, green grass – the whole bit.

And now the news…


Spartan Delta Revealed // Spartan Race

I have mentioned the not-so-mysterious image that popped up on our social media feeds last week.

spartan leak

Since then, the Spartan Race revealed the new take on Trifectas in 2016 – in addition, to your run-of-the-mill Sprint-Super-Beast Trifecta, there will now be a Train Trifecta (Spartan X – SGX – Agoge) and an Endurance Trifecta (Hurricane Heat – 12 Hour Hurricane Heat – Agoge).

Call me crazy, but this seems a little… forced? I guess it was only a matter of time before Hurricane Heats offered a Trifecta option, but would it not make more sense to have a 24 hour Hurricane Heat (which would essentially follow a GORUCK model of Light – Challenge – Heavy), than to reinvent an entirely new event series?

The Train Trifecta is a way to promote the Spartan branded certifications to fitness professionals, I assume. And once again, Agoge does not seem to belong with the other two events. Take a weekend course. Take another weekend course. Now, take a weekend, go to Vermont and haul sandbags. Wait, what?

Christmas Special // Obstacle Course Training

Right now if you purchase the beginner program, you receive 5 weeks of access for $30. Although, let’s admit it, it’s almost worth it for the photo below.


Isn’t it?

I have been curious about these guys’ training programs, and have already heard some positive feedback from friends who tried it. If you’ve been following one of the programs, I’d love to hear what you think!

A Spartan Scandal: The Annual Pass Conundrum // Muddy Mommy

I don’t know how much of a scandal this was really, but, of course, unless you have been hiding under a rock (in which case, I do not blame you), you have already heard about the Spartan Race annual pass price increase to a whopping $699.

Between “I can’t believe it” and “How dare they”, Holly gives a bit of a reality check.

I guess this will be the wrong time to tell you that the only Spartan Race season I ever bought (yes, this was a few years ago now) cost me $125. Canadian dollars.


Amelia Boone On Beating 99% of Men and Suffering for High Performance // The Tim Ferris Experiment

Even if you are not a regular listener, check out Tim’s interview with Amelia Boone. Given the reach of this particular podcast, I would say this is an awesome nod to the growth of the sport in general, not to mention a high five to Amelia herself!


Lifecycle of a Spartan Race Enthusiast // New England Spahtens

Paul Jones penned a quick piece this week that has resonated with many, commenting on the fading passion of former obstacle racing junkies.

“Year FourNew season, new challenges! Maybe I’ll do a few less races this year though. That twelve hour road trip to the sprint in a parking lot was a long way … Oh, same rope climb and spear throw and monkey bar setup as last year, huh? At least I’m getting this years badass medal and shirt …

Year FiveI have too many f’in t shirts anyway. Time to pay off some credit cards …”

Whatcha doing at 12pm EST today, Monday, December 28th?

I will be discussing the latest Reading Roundup blog post on Periscope – join me @k_solovieva.


Did you miss last week’s Periscope? You can still watch it!


Posted December 28, 2015

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