READING ROUNDUP: Spartan Delta, Christmas gift from BattleFrog, and Dustin Dorough dancing it out


To say that many things are up in the air for me right now is an understatement. Chaos, chaos. And I’ve been trying to shake a headache for the last three days.

The good news is that I still got out for a long run yesterday.

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And now the news…


Spartan Delta // The Ultra Mysterious Super Secret Unknown Source

The below image started popping up on my Facebook feed few days ago with references to “someone getting fired over this”. The implication, of course, is that the super duper inside secret is now out.

spartan leak

Ok, I’ll bite. What could this be? [insert a photo of my puzzled face here]. It definitely looks like a collectable of some kind – similar to the ever-popular Trifecta medal.

Maybe a triple trifecta holder? No? Quadfecta?

Something to do with Spartan Endurance events? Remember a whole bunch of international “Death Races” that popped up last week?

A big push towards HH (Hurricane Heat) and HH12HR (12 Hour Hurricane Heat)?

A medal for each of the Agoge levels – 24, 48 and 60 hour?

Annnnnd, I’m bored.

If you still feel like sinking your teeth into this, the MudRunGuide us running a contest – guess what the fuck is Spartan Delta, and be the first one to receive it. Whatever IT is.

Most will never know whether this image was leaked or “leaked”. One thing is for sure – it got people talking.

BattleFrog Unveils Ideal Christmas Season Gift For Family And Friends // PRLog

To be honest, the usage of the word “unveils” promised a bit more mystery than the announcement of a season pass could provide. While this is a first from BattleFrog, season passes became pretty standard in the sport over the past few years.

I was more interested in the company’s announcement of collaboration with iRewind, a media company that will provide personalized video highlights for every racer. Marc-Andre Bedard shared a sample video (watch it here) on his Facebook page, and while it is certainly impressive, I wonder how these videos will look for middle-of-the-pack racers who will not have the luxury of empty space behind them and in front of them.

World’s Toughest Mudder 2015 (Highlights) // Obstacle Racing Media

If you are in WTM withdrawal, you will enjoy ORM’s recently released video from this year’s event. At over 12 minutes, it’s too long for my taste, but for die-hard fans, this may be a welcome distraction from holiday shopping.

Dustin Dorough // Spartan Race

Move over, Start Line Sean. The inspirational speeches will give way to dance parties. And we will have Dustin Dorough to thank – Spartan Race announcer, and Star-Spangled Man With a Plan, according to this FB profile.

If this video does not make you smile, please feel free to unfriend me.

Everyone Is Welcome In Obstacle Racing  (Unless You Are Lance Armstrong) // SOLO

All hail the all-inclusive and all-welcoming sport of obstacle racing. Unless you are Lance Armstrong, apparently.

This blog post was quite controversial, and the community was quite divided on the matter. While some commented, many others chose to refrain from expressing their opinions publicly, worried about the consequences. And who can blame them – we have our very own angry mob on social media. How did that happen?

Wanna catch me discussing Spartan Delta on Periscope? See below.

P.S. For those of you who read last week’s roundup, it seems that we do have a winning “couple name” for Ryan and Lindsay. It’s “Webkins”. Thanks, Johanna. 🙂


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Posted December 21, 2015

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