Operation Gettin’ Hitched – Marriage in a Bucket – Episode 1


Thanks to my talented friend, Lisa Lightbourn-Lay, instead of a traditional wedding video, I will be launching a web miniseries “OPERATION GETTIN’ HITCHED”. Stay tuned for new episodes each Thursday – until I say “I DO!”.

Many women dream of getting married. So I am told. Not many women put that on a bucket list (one that is public, and online. And did I mention public?).

So, it’s a little strange. But this is from a woman who makes audible puppy noises when she yawns, who suffers for pleasure, and who insists on using men’s antiperspirant. [And that’s still just a tip of the iceberg].


I guess at least I was straight up about it?

The most common question I got in the last few months was: “So, how is the married life?”.

My answer? “Exactly the same, as before”.

After dating, and living together, and getting engaged, and buying a house, and adopting cats… Yep. The same as before.

Thank goodness for that.

Think about it for a moment – wouldn’t it be terribly disconcerting if both individuals AND their relationship changed drastically after tying the knot?

But now that the wedding is done and over (phew), I get to sit back, relax and reminisce. Won’t you join me?

May I present – OPERATION GETTIN’ HITCHED – Episode 1.

*If your internet connection allows, go for HD option, and maximized screen. Because why not!

Next up… THE DRESS!


Posted September 8, 2016



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