life is too short


Have you ever been stuck in traffic, and thought “ugh… life is too short for this”? I started writing this post in my head, during one of those lovely bumper-to-bumper afternoons…

life is too short...

  • to be stuck in traffic
  • to work through lunch
  • to drive automatic transmission
  • to watch sports
  • to take the elevator
  • to have bad sex
  • to wear tight underwear, ill-fitting bra and uncomfortable shoes
  • to eat cheap cheese, Wonder bread, store-bought cupcakes, stale cookies, canned vegetables and low fat ice cream
  • to drink instant coffee, and bottled beer
  • to use dull knives and dark towels, small mugs
  • to give half-assed hugs and weak handshakes

What am I forgetting? Add it in comments!

P.S. Last week during a quiz I told my students not to stir after they finished, but find their happy place instead… Here’s one student’s interpretation…

and a week worth of training…


  • 5-7min jumping rope
  • easy 5k run on a treadmill
  • 45min, teaching hatha yoga
  • 150min, teaching hot yoga


  • 75min, restorative yoga


  • 150min, teaching hatha yoga
  • 2h 48min – long run [~20.4km –> first and last km through knee deep snow]



front squat 5-5-5-5-5
warm-up: 10(35) / 8(65) / 5(85) / 5(105)
5(115) – 5(125) – 5(135) – 5(145) – 5(150)

8min AMRAP: 8 knee-to-elbow + 8 kettlebell swing + 16 air squat
6 rounds + 6 knee-to-elbow


  • 6km tempo run on treadmill

I’m still pretty clueless about all these running workouts and paces. So until I figure that out, tempo run = pace that makes me want to stop. Like… right away… 🙂 Then stay there for the duration of the run. Brutal.



6 x 250m Row
Immediately following each interval – Set of max effort hand release push-ups
Rest ~ 4 minutes after each interval
set 1: 58sec / 45 push-ups
set 2: 57sec / 46 push-ups
set 3: 55sec / 32 push-ups
set 4: 57sec / 35 push-ups
set 5: 57sec / 37 push-ups
set 6: 51sec / 40 push-ups
Was pretty happy with my rowing times. 🙂
  • 60min, hot yoga


  • 6km easy run on treadmill



  • 45 min, teaching hatha yoga
  • 150min, teaching hot yoga

Signing off,

Posted February 11, 2013

7 responses to “life is too short”

  1. How else do you drink beer when you’re at home if not in bottles? I AM SO CONFUSED.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha that’s what I was wondering. Maybe Kate has her own keg.. Sounds like how she rolls 😀

      • Solo says:

        you guys are killing me. i think when i came up with this one, i was thinking of my rule to never drink bottled beer, if beer on tap is available. but at home, i have to do with bottled beer. but in that case – craft brews! 🙂

      • Solo says:

        one day when I’ll grow up, I WILL have a tap in my basement. mark my words! beer = recovery drink.

  2. Captain says:

    Awesome list! And too short…

    to eat fast food
    to complain about the weather
    to have shallow conversation
    to stay clean, to stay dry
    to stay on the road

    to not laugh at ourselves.

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