… and I’m still cold.

It was easier to imagine Toronto’s hypothetical warmth, while in Calgary. Now I’m back and it’s -12. And the scenery is not nearly as nice.

I feel like I’ve been sitting in a car for a week. Which is not, actually, that far from the truth. My whole body feels stiff. And frozen. Maybe I’ll just sleep in the hot yoga studio this weekend.

You’d think that after Operation Calgary, I’d have a bit of down time. But noooooo. 🙂 It’s time for operation TOBFGH (“The Other Best Friend Gets Hitched”). I think I need a vacation. Operation CTFO aka Chill The Fuck Out.

As a maid of honor (which is officially the one and only context I’d ever be referred to as a maid of any kind), I’m organizing the bachelorette party. Have you ever tried getting twenty women in one place? It’s a scary concept, really.

One relocation down. One wedding to go.

After that, it’s my turn. Now, just to think of a grand project…


  • Look out for the upcoming multi-part adventure blog series “Into The Cold”, documenting our epic road trip. There may or may not be mentions of dead presidents, axe murderers, wild animals and extreme sports.
  • In the spirit of all things jingly and annoying, I will be running “Merry Christmas, Spartans!” raffle for another FREE Spartan Race (valid for any US 2014 Spartan Race, except the Ultra Beast). Check out the Giveaways section on my athlete Facebook page to enter. Raffle ends at 11.59PM EST, December 25th, 2013.

[Awesome raffling technology thanks to Rafflecopter and Jeff Cain from On My Way to Sparta. You should show Jeff your thanks by helping to bring a Spartan Race to Kentucky.]


P.S. Is it horrible that every time I see the above written out, I think of bad rap and half naked women dancing in the background?

Yours, blue and shivering,

Posted December 12, 2013



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