29 things to be thankful for


Thank you, 2012, for…

  1. strong healthy body
  2. dopamine receptors
  3. mud and barb wire
  4. duct tape
  5. Spartan family
  6. burpees and deadlifts
  7. hot yoga
  8. first shower after a race
  9. oversized bathrobes
  10. quiet mornings
  11. shared silence
  12. perfect latte
  13. all things Italian
  14. deep fried turkey
  15. smell of the baby’s head
  16. big dogs
  17. standard transmission
  18. small Ontario towns
  19. roadtrips with no destination
  20. theme songs
  21. microbreweries
  22. bear hugs (and beer hugs)
  23. inquisitive students
  24. blank notebooks
  25. used bookstores
  26. cozy coffee shops
  27. accidental friends and encounters
  28. making right choices
  29. barefoot photoshoots


Posted October 8, 2012

4 responses to “29 things to be thankful for”

  1. Mike Russell "Captain USA" says:

    Number 30……the ability to fly or levitate….. so aptly demonstrated in your photo, even if just for a second.

  2. Barbara Goss says:

    Hot babes alert!
    Don’t know why small Quebecois towns (villages, crossroads with a single gas station, etc.) didn’t make the list.

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