194 days – more typical week of WOD


I received few comments regarding the posted workouts during peak week. “Oh my god”, someone said. “There is no way I could spend over 2 hours in the gym”.

Umm… yeah. Me neither. The peak week workouts were just that – PEAK week. Three brutal high-rep multi-set workouts back to back designed to deplete your muscles of glycogen completely.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of what my typical week looks like. Couple of things to notice:
– I took two days off. Normally, I would train 5-6 days a week.
– No hard weights workouts back to back.
– None of these workouts took me longer than 60 minutes.

SUNDAY – active recovery
7-8km run

MONDAY – weights
10 min, running on treadmill, 3% incline, 1.08 miles
3 sets of: 10 pull-up burpees + 10 push-ups

PN weights workout:
deadlift –> 3 x 10 (135lb / 155lb / 165lb)
dumbbell bench press –> 3 x 10 (35lb)
side plank –> 3 x 45 sec each side, 1 set with curls

single-leg RDL –> 3 x 10 each leg (25lb)
inverted row –> 3 x 15
3-position rear-elevated split squat –> 3 x 15 each leg (15lb)

TUESDAY – intervals
5 min, run on treadmill
5 sets of: 5 pull-up burpees + 15 jump squats –> I remember why I hate jump squats

5 rounds of:
10 box jumps (highest box = mid-thigh)
10 elevated push-ups off the box

intervals: 20sec (work) / 40sec (recovery) –> 5 rounds
20 sec = burpees
40 sec = hold low plank


THURSDAY – weights
10 min, walk on treadmill

PN weights workout:
walking lunges –> 3 x 10 (2/25lb / 2x25lb / 2x30lb)
unassisted chin-up –> 3 x 10
1/2 kneeling dumbbell chop –> 3 x 10 each side (20lb / 20lb / 25lb)

squat (machine) –> 2 x 15 (90lb)
single-arm high incline dumbbell press –> 2 x 15 each side (25lb)
1/2 plank dumbbell row –> 2 x 15 each side (25lb)


SATURDAY – active recovery + intervals
morning –> active recovery
Santa 5K Run 2012 (Burlington) –> 25min

evening –> intervals
5min elliptical

10 rounds of: 10 push-ups + 10 sit-ups + 10 squats (ugh, this was way too easy… change push-ups to elevated, and squats to weighted squats or jump squats)

intervals: 20sec (work) / 40sec (recovery) –> 6 rounds
stationary bike –> total time 10min

SUNDAY – weights
5 min, running on treadmill, 3% incline
PN weights workout:

modified deadlift (machine) –> 3 x 10 (135lb / 155lb / 175lb)
dumbbell bench press –> 3 x 10 (35lb / 35lb / 40lb – OMG!)
side plank –> 3 x 45 sec each side with curls –> this nearly killed me…

single-leg RDL –> 2 x 10 each leg (25lb / 25lb / 30lb)
inverted row –> 2 x 15
3-position rear-elevated split squat –> 2 x 15 each leg (15lb)

P.S. For anyone paying attention… yes, less than 200 days until the Spartan Death Race 2013.

Posted December 10, 2012

14 responses to “194 days – more typical week of WOD”

  1. Is this what you’re doing all the way up to the Beast? I’m realizing post-Spartan Sprint that I need to work on my upper body/pullups a LOT more. (My only issue is that the assisted pullup machine is two floors below the free weight room, and there’s nowhere for me to use bands.) 🙁

    What’s a pullup burpee?

    • Solo says:

      Yes, Nina – I stuck to LE training this whole year. The only thing I changed before the Ultra Beast was including one longer run once per week, and changing all intervals and active recovery to incline training.

  2. Barbara Goss says:

    Pull-up burpees are really fun. After a Spartan Sprint, I’m sure you’re familiar with a burpee itself 😀 – so for the pull-up burpee, instead of just jumping up in the air, you jump up to a pull-up bar and use the momentum to pull yourself up. For maximum effectiveness, really spring from your legs from the very bottom of your burpee to transfer the momentum (rather than standing up straight and then jumping for the bar.) You can do these as chin-ups as well, or my favourite, using an alternating mixed grip, which may be the safest option when you’re trying to catch the bar from a big jump…

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah, I get it. Alas, I can’t do a regular pull-up so it’s just plain ol’ burpees for me!

      • Anonymous says:

        (Oops, that was Nina.)

      • Barbara Goss says:

        Actually, many people who can’t do a pull-up / chin-up the normal static way can do them from the burpee / jump (that’s how I started out). But I have to emphasize that you have to get a lot of spring from the burpee itself and launch yourself up. Your legs are doing a lot of the work, and you’re just pulling with your arms towards the top. Very satisfying! If you’ve ever done a squat-press at your gym, you can see how the momentum from the squat part launches your barbell more easily than if you were just pressing with your arms.

        • Solo says:

          Thanks, Goss! Nothing to add, really. Apart from the fact that Goss knows what she’s talking about – I saw those pull-ups at the climbing gym. Drool!

      • Solo says:

        Goss was right – pull=up burpees are easier. As long as you can jump up high enough to grab onto the pull=up bars, the pull-up part comes from the leg jump, not the arm pull. 🙂

    • Solo says:

      Couldn’t have described these better myself. Can only add that they also look really bad ass. 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    Solo… I may not reply, but I do follow your posts and just sent a friend req on FB. You inspire me. Thank you for taking the time to post your workouts and communicating with us. I, personally, have lost 120lbs in roughly 4 years (it’s a little embarrassing now) and I hope that my story inspires others to get moving more too. I ran the Texas Spartan Sprint in May this year but am already another 40lbs lighter now than I was then. The Sprint in May 2013 will be a brand new ball game for me. I take OCR’s and living the healthy way of life VERY seriously. Thank you for all your posts! Sara D.

    • Solo says:

      thank you, Sara. Your journey sounds quite amazing. Congratulations on such an accomplishment – you girl, inspire me! Hope to see you at a Spartan race!!!!

  4. nancyfrancis says:

    Wildly unrelated to this post – but I just signed up for the Warrior Dash next summer at Horseshoe Valley. This 5ker would be like a nap for you – but as a strictly road runner now, any tips on picking up trail running and ..well.. obstacles??

    • Solo says:

      Nancy, way to go! Yes, Warrior Dash is a GREAT place to start. If you are running comfortably for 5k already, I would say focusing on running trails, running uphill, running with weight… anything but JUST running. E.g. run 5km, doing 20-30 burpees every 500m.

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