192 days – WOD (active recovery)


After really feeling it yesterday, I sort of decided today was going to be an OFF day. But after sitting in a chair all day in the midst of a marking frenzy, I realized that my body did not want an OFF day. I was simply going to feel better, if I did SOMETHING.

Here’s how I use time pressure for speed…

6:35pm need to leave for my night class

5:35pm realize that I actually feel like a workout
5:45pm leave for a 30min active recovery run outside
6.00pm realize that I should really run faster, otherwise I will not have time for a shower
6:17pm back home, shower, change
6:35 leave for my night class

I really felt like slowing down on my way back, but that option simply was not there, as it would make me late for work.

Solo for the win! 🙂

I can count the number of time I went running outside where I live on one hand… Every time I go, as much as I love the place, I realize that I live in a concrete jungle. Something to be said about having a trail in your backyard.

Although I think I’m finally getting a hang of layering! A thin Salomon top with a synthetic t-shirt on top, and running tights + beanie and running gloves. Very light! I was COLD when I got out, but quickly warmed up.

Posted December 11, 2012



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