190 days – WOD


An OFF day yesterday made a world of a difference today. Swear words and hysterical laughing were both involved in this workout, and my legs were shaking at the end. Then two rounds of steam room!

Question to the world… Is there such a thing as spotting school? You know… a school? for those who spot you in the gym? Because if there isn’t, there should be one!

I broke into 40lb dumbbells for the dumbbell bench press last week. I don’t know why, but I am freaking tickled pink about it! There is just something about the 40-pounders… They are… HUGE. I have trouble lifting them up! 🙂

In any case, for 4 sets of 10 reps, I need a spotter for the last 2-3 reps. As I approach the nearest fellow gym member, asking for a spot, and explaining that I MAY need a little push for the LAST 2-3 reps. He smiles and nods vigorously, then proceeds to tenderly hold my elbows for the WHOLE set, smelling as fresh as the bottom of my gym bag the whole time. Sigh… There ARE gym-going gentlemen (and ladies!) out there with the basic understanding of spotting etiquette (and personal hygiene), right?

11 min, running on treadmill, 3% incline, 1.06 miles
2 x 10 pull-up burpees

PN weights workout:
(modified) deadlift –> 4 x 10 (135lb / 155lb / 165lb / 175lb)
dumbbell bench press –> 4 x 10 (40lb)
side plank –> 4 x 45 sec each side

single-leg RDL –> 3 x 10 each leg (25lb / 25lb/ 30lb / 30lb)
inverted row –> 3 x 15
3-position rear-elevated split squat –> 3 x 15 each leg (20lb / 17.5lb / 17.5lb / 17.5lb)

10 pull-up burpees

Posted December 13, 2012

One response to “190 days – WOD”

  1. Barbara Goss says:

    Whoohooo! 40lbs – I’ve topped out at a pair of 30lbs for 10 reps. Not sure what I could press for 4. But those things are just so heavy to carry in one hand! I think I used to use 40-45 for the split squats, and my hands/arms would give out sooner than my legs and ass. 😀

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