187 days – WOD + kale in your breakfast!


I do not like exercising in the morning. I don’t. And the only times that I do is when I finish after doing it anyway. Like today. Alarm goes off, and I fly out of bed before my body realizes that I’m dragging it somewhere…

10 min, treadmill

30 min, stationery bike
intervals: 20sec (work) / 40sec (recovery) –> 8 rounds

total time: 40 min

soaked at the end? check.


today’s breakfast is for one of my favorite PN girls, Amanda:

eggs + kale + bok choy + brie cheese + chicken bacon. 

Umm… ok, so as far as whole foods go, the chicken bacon does not exactly make the cut. Bad to good continuum? 🙂

Posted December 16, 2012

5 responses to “187 days – WOD + kale in your breakfast!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    mmm looks good. I will def make this one once i recover.

  2. I do a version of this, but I sautee the kale/greens in the bacon fat, and then put an over-easy egg on top so the yolk covers it all in fabulous gooeyness. Of course, this morning I just had a protein bar. 🙁

  3. Craig says:

    +1 on sunny side up eggs over Kale (perhaps with onion. mushrooms, peppers, sauteed in olive oil), the yolks and kale taste great together!

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