155 days – WOD

  • CrossFit
    • Snatch Grip Deadlift – 20 minutes to establish a heavy set of 3
    • 12 min AMRAP: 20 overhead walking lunges with 25lb + 15 push-ups = 6 sets + 20 lunges + 10 push-ups
  • 365 Days of Fitness Challenge [*crossed out items = part of earlier workout]
    • walk/sprint intervals 1 mile
    • 25 sit-ups
    • 25 pushups
    • 25 burpees
    • 25 squats
    • 20 lunges (10 per leg)
    • 200 jumping jacks
    • 2 minute plank
    • 2x 60 second wall sits
  • 10 min jump rope
  • 45 min community swim class

So, yes, I signed up for Adult Swim 3 at a local community centre. I’ve completed Adult 2 around the same time last year, and really enjoyed it. The instructor was half my age (it’s kind of scary that I can say that), and most of the other students were moms terrified of water. But it was beneficial nevertheless, as it got me in the water once a week. Once the classes started, I found that it was easier to find the time and go swim lanes throughout the week as well. As the classes ended, so did my swimming.

This time around the instructor is still half my age, however, the level of the swimmers is noticeably higher. At least they can swim. 🙂

I find swimming quite demoralizing. Sigh… I can make the front crawl look good for about 25m, and then have to hang off the edge, panting like Beethoven (the dog, not composer). Kind of ironic, given that I’ve been told my whole life that I have a body of a swimmer. That very body has no idea what to do in the water. As soon as I stop flailing hysterically, my limbs start sinking. I’m sure it’s quite hilarious to watch…

“You just have to find that spot where you feel you could swim forever”, Craig says. I respond with… “….”. Well, I better not put that in the blog…

Signing off,

Posted January 17, 2013



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