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Nicaragua in two words

Posted on January 28, 2015

I have asked some of you who have visited the country before, to describe Nicaragua in two words.

Here’s what you came up with;
– peaceful poverty
– natural beauty
– soulful opportunity
– beautifully frustrating
– blissful oblivion
– mierda incredible
– authentic, inspiring
– live here
– wild, exotic
– simply majestic
– Survival Run (obviously :))
– Sweet Hell (in relation to Survival Run, I’m assuming)

And here’s my take:

sleeping dogs
open doors
stocky men
curvy women

green lakes
sandy beaches
magic rainforests
active volcanoes


local bananas
banana trucks
fried bananas
bananas. bananas.


chicken bus
sticky skin
bare feet
insect bites

friendly expats
obnoxious surfers
volunteer groups
Christian missionaries

cheap hostels
jean shorts
drunk backpackers
rented bikes

gallo pinto
tona cerveza
Fuego y Agua
muchos gracias


See more pictures from Nicaragua here.

YOUR TURN: If you have been to Nicaragua, what two words would you pick? What about the country where you currently live?

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Dorsey at 11:55 am Jan 28
There's that map again. Maps are good.

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SOLO at 12:59 pm Jan 27
Thank you for this comment. It means a lot to me. :) Hugs.

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SOLO at 12:59 pm Jan 27
Thanks, Donald! Primal, perhaps. But notice the argument here is for those who are poor compared to the world around them. E.g. working class in US, rather than hunter/gatherer tribes.



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