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At this time of year, many of my clients are gearing up to have their photoshoot – a celebration of their progress, their journey, and themselves. [Read more about why a photoshoot is an awesome idea].

I decided to join in as I had to get a new set of headshots done for my coaching profile, and take those of you who wanted to come along, and show a bit of a behind-the-scenes.

[This is also my first post, using embedded videos from Periscope as captured by Katch, so I have no idea if this will work well, or whether this will work at all. Can you give me a shout? Do they videos work? Do they have a delay? Do they play within post? Do you have to open them in an additional window? Do you like this as a way to share videos? Hate it? Why? Help me make your reading experience better].

The morning starts as usual – herding cats. And drinking coffee.

Because the photoshoot is scheduled in the second half of the day, I drag my butt outside for a trail run. This is epic for me – I can’t remember the last time I ran in the morning. Oh, the power of accountability!

Packing my bag for the shoot. Don’t forget wet wipes and food! And another trick – clear nail polish does wonders if your stocking rips – just put a bit of nail polish to prevent it from running further. [Am I the only one who still wears stockings?]

The before face. Lovely Mina promises a smoky eye with a nude lip.

Dramatic eyes! Don’t forget that the camera will wash you out, so ideally make-up will be heavier than usual.

My first mistake was to book hair AFTER make-up. Totally made sense in my head, but I realized it was a wrong way to go, as soon as the hair stylist started washing my hair – I had to touch up a bit of foundation around the hair line. [Gold blonde for me? What do you think? Could I pull it off?]

Now off to the studio! I look good, but omg, this took a lot of time. :) Allow extra time for everything.

Meet Tim, my photographer, and get a bit of a behind-the-scenes action on the shoot!

My friend and colleague Lisanne is in the process of getting her action shots. Yoga poses create beautiful angles and lines. I love the Warrior poses, especially.

Phew! We are all done, and are heading to post-shoot celebration sushi.

It was a loooong day. I’m excited to share some of the best shots with you soon. :)

YOUR TURN: Have you ever had a professional photoshoot? What tips/tricks do you have to share to make sure that day runs smoothly? 

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Posted November 25, 2015


Reading Roundup: What’s New In Obstacle Racing Lately

I drove down to Blue Mountain Resort yesterday to meet some awesome people for lunch, including Adrian Bijanada of the OCRWC and Brett Stewart of the MudRunGuide. I forgot how beautiful that drive is – quintessential Ontario for ya, all the way. And it snowed – in a beautiful...
Posted November 23, 2015
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awesome (1)

act your way into being and the origin of the word “awesome”

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Posted November 19, 2015
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black cats, black swans and the rise of obstacle racing

“Meow”. “Yes, Casey”. “Meow”. “Yes, baby”. “MEOW!”. “It’s ok, Casey”. This is the conversation happening in my car this morning, as I drive Casey to the vet to get microchipped. Few months ago, we adopted two cats – Casey and Emma, and Casey is an all black, emerald-eyed drop...
Posted November 18, 2015
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Paul at 2:00 pm Nov 18
I loved the article. It is funny how as much we have become a soft society, OCR is so popular. For myself, it started after breaking my shoulder and having to go to surgery for a full shoulder replacement. I have let myself get out of shape already, and now this. Then the surgeon asked what I did for a living, which is sit at a desk and write computer software. I remember him saying, "At least you don't make a living swinging a tennis racket or throwing a baseball." I said to myself, "But what if I wanted to make my living swinging a tennis racket or throwing a ball? Are you saying I CAN'T." Boy, that was it. I had something to go for now. I think there are a lot of us that want to prove something but know we are really good enough to when 5K races or soccer games. But we believe we can "stick it out" and finish something hard. That's what got me started.


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