2018 Preview – REINVENT


We are two months into 2018, and the word of the year is REINVENT.

I kicked and screamed against this word – there was just something REpetitive about it. I didn’t want to REinvent, I wanted to INVENT, damn it. But then, I found peace in the holy book as I often do (aka the dictionary).


1.  change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new

2.  take up a very different job or way of life

Hmmm…. Ok. I think I can live with that. 🙂 Surely, if I can reinvent myself as a superhero for an afternoon, I can take up a different way of life?

One thing that already FEELS quite different this year is that I decided to only focus on TWO things this year – 1. my website, and 2. my book. Not necessarily in that order, but it’s those two before everything else.

It feels strange to set goals with such a loose deadline – sometime, this year. A little voice in my head is screaming “Now! You should be doing this NOW! You should have been done by now!”, yet… if there is one thing that I keep learning, and learning, and relearning (there’s that RE- again), is that things take longer than I think they would. Things take longer than I think they should. And things take… as long as they fucking take.

And yes, there will be few things that I’ll check off this year (super excited about Sinister 7 relay race in Alberta, for example!), but most of all, I am rolling around in all things NEW and DIFFERENT this year. What does it feel like to blog less? To travel differently? To get picky?

With that in mind, here’s what I am aiming for…


Soften. Flow.
Change your mind.
Change your mind often.

Change is how we develop.
Evolve. Grow.
Grow up.
Sign of progress.

Run. Heal. Affirm.
Gather the tribe.
Get serious about all things light.
And lighten up about all things serious.


Posted February 22, 2018

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Dan at 8:33 am Feb 6
On the subject of interrupting, M said this the other day: "I try not to interrupt people; I let them finish the stupid thing they're saying, and then I correct them." Engage your radical freedom to strike off into the forest instead of following either of the existing paths (but make sure you have a compass so you don't get completely lost...).

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