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15.5 is here

Posted on March 26, 2015

Never in my life have I watched sports. Ok, there was a brief stint in school, when I was obsessed with NBA, but even then, I was more likely to be found practicing free throws than watching other people play. I’m a doer, not a watcher.

Yet, for the past five weeks, I have found myself, rushing home every Thursday night, or cutting social engagements short, because it’s that time – Castro takes over North America. Oh, the irony.

How many muscle-ups, Mr. Castro?


The Open finishes with a bang – as three Queens battle it out in 15.5….

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.35.20 PM

The workout?


We were expecting thrusters for a while now… For those who remember 14.5, you know it could be worse.





15.4 is done (and all things life-affirming)

Posted on March 25, 2015
Today I saw a man whose heart was not beating. How is that for an opening line? Perhaps, let me explain – it was not nearly dramatic as it could have been if I was a writer for Grey’s Anatomy. On my way to the climbing gym, I saw...
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15.4 is here

Posted on March 20, 2015
As Scott Panchik faces Josh Bridges in the 15.4 Live Announcement, I wonder if ALL CrossFit elites are good-looking, or whether that’s just a rule Castro enforces for those doing live announcements. Here’s what I notice… At 5’9, Scott is taller than many elite CrossFit athletes. He is also...
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[…] does this story have to do with 15.4? Not very […]
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#ShirtStorm @ Atlanta Spartan Sprint: Brand Competition Or Violation Of Personal Freedom?

Posted on March 18, 2015
Shortly after the Atlanta Spartan Sprint took place, the OCR Gear posted the following: “Rumor has it Spartan Race forced a female finisher to change out of her BattleFrog Series shirt before taking the podium in Atlanta. Say what??” Armed with hashtags #shirtstorm and #shirtgate, the online community was...
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[…] has been some talk by the parties involved, a little more has been written¬†around¬†the circumstances of the Spartan Atlanta elite awards ceremony, and, like any […]


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